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Week 4 Patriots vs Dolphins: James White’s second touchdown puts New England up 31-0 The New England Patriots are imposing their will on the Miami Dolphins today. After heading into the locker rooms up 24-0
, the team has added to its lead on its second possession of the third quarter: Tom Brady found running back James White from 14 yards out to give New England a 31-0 lead.The play capped a nine-play, 59-yard drive that took five minutes off the clock and involved some trickery early on:The play was not the last one that saw Brady and White connect on this drive, as the duo also made the final play of the series:Despite getting pressured up the middle, Brady was able to get rid of the football and find White in the end zone. For Brady, it’s the third passing touchdown of the day. For White, it’s the second score – he also had a 22-yard touchdown run in the second quarter. Patriots quarterback Tom Brady says he wants to play in 2019. Patriots coach Bill Belichick doesn’t want to think about that
, or anything beyond the next game. As usual.“Yeah, well, I mean, right now I think it鈥檚 a one-game season here,” Belichick told reporters on Wednesday when asked about Brady’s comments. “So, we鈥檒l just concentrate on the Jets and worry about next year
, next year, worry about next week, next week, worry about last year some other year.”Next year will be next year soon enough, and before Tom Brady can return to the Patriots, the Patriots will have to want him to return. They presumably will
, simply because there aren’t many/any clear upgrades, especially in light of the level of performance that Brady still consistently exhibits.Sure, he may not be playing as well as ever, but even a diminished #Tommy is better than most at their very best.
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