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Submitted 2018-05-18 11:43:30 From power outages to natural disasters
, there is always a reason to be prepared for basic emergencies. Having a small power source and light source can be instrumental to survival in many instances, from food preparation to repairs, medical treatment to phone usage.

A flashlight is one of the first requirements of common emergency kits, but its reliance on traditional batteries can result in an inconveniently dead flashlight. Using solar powered lights can reduce this risk and ensure that other devices are charged too. For emergencies or times when access to reliable power is not possible
, here are the benefits of using solar power.

Home and Outdoor Lighting

Solar powered lanterns are convenient for emergencies because of their battery life and increased brightness. Solar lights can last anywhere from four to sixteen hours of light per full charge, and are easily rechargeable during the day. They are also up to ten times brighter than kerosene lamps, which are the most popular lighting source in third-world countries and off-the-grid communities. Solar powered lanterns are powerful enough to light up larger areas than flashlights and make it easy to do basic tasks that would be difficult or impossible otherwise.


Having a lightweight and compact light source is incredibly important during times of emergency or natural disaster. Solar lights can be sturdy and able to withstand high-impact movement and weather. Easily charged with a small solar panel, LED solar lights save money and resources that are typically rare or inaccessible off-the-grid.

Multi-Device Charging

During emergencies
, being able to text or call emergency services can be a critical necessity. Solar lanterns that have a charging component 鈥?like USB ports 鈥?can charge mobile devices and other electronics are extremely useful in emergency and natural disaster situations. By charging the power component and solar lantern simultaneously throughout the day, it is both time and energy efficient.

Economically Friendly and Power-Efficient

By using solar powered lights and charging panels, it is more energy-efficient to use solar power than using batteries. It is also economically friendly because of reduced waste and long-lasting product life.

Solar powered energy can be fundamental during emergencies, natural disasters
, and power outages. t designs solar products like the S300 for quick USB port charging and hours of LED lighting. This sturdy and weather-resistant model is built for any circumstance from off-the-grid living to natural disasters. Replace the flashlight in the emergency kit with a solar-powered lantern that ensures long-lasting power and light.

Which iPhone Accessories You Should Get

There are so many accessories available now itís difficult to keep up with so many for the iPhone 4 . Itís no surprise that lots of companies come out with a variety of accessories every time Apple releases a new device or technology. You will find some that are useful and others that can be left alone. This article will take you through a few accessories that might be good additions to your collection.

One cool accessory if you want great sound, and the ability to talk on the phone hands free are the Bluetooth stereo headphones made by Motorola, Motorokr S305. When you talk on the phone, you speak into the mic thatís built into these Motorola headphones.

These come in very handy
, as when you made or answer phone calls while youíre on the road. Depending where you live, it may even be illegal to use a cell phone when driving unless you have a headset. There are many uses for quality headphones with an iPhone 4, which include music, watching videos or listening to books youíve downloaded. So
, if you want a good set of Bluetooth headphones to get the best possible sound from your iPhone 4, take a look at the Motorokr S305 from Motorola. If you get an armband for your iPhone 4, you can easily wear it wherever you go. Belkin makes a lightweight and water-resistant armband made especially for the iPhone 4. This armband has a cover for the phone to protect the screen, but this doesnít block your access to any of the functions. Thereís even a compartment where you can keep your headphones. The stretch material this armband is made from is designed to fit your wrist comfortably. With an armband
, you can have your phone nearby without having to stuff it in your pocket, carrying case or use a belt clip, which not everyone likes the look of. Some armbands that were made for iPhone 3 may not fit properly with iPhone 4, so make sure you get the right kind.

The iPhone 4 has a better than average battery life
, but you never know when you may forget to charge your phone. Or perhaps youíve talked too much and your battery crashes on you in the middle of the day. This is where the Juice Pack Air accessory can come in handy. This accessory can double the time you can use your phone before charging as well as act as a hard protective outer shell for your phone. The status indicator included on this device allows you to always know how much power is left. In conclusion, this article was just a brief look at some of the iPhone accessories available, but there are many more to choose from. Many of the ones available might seem tempting, but you wonít need all of them. Some of the accessories weíve discussed in this article might be helpful for you and some might not. Youíll find there are still new iPhone accessories being released all the time

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